Difference between Cloud POS or traditional POS

If you are a retailer and looking for a POS software that can give better service to your business, then you should understand the difference between cloud-based and traditional POS systems to conclude which one good for your business.

Traditional POS system:

A traditional pos system set up in a fixed location and store data on the personal computer. It has a cash counter, a barcode scanner, a receipt printer and card machines and manages the sales from customers within a closed network. The software is installed on the local server and maintained the data on site.

Cloud-based POS system:

A cloud-based pos system is run the operations on the cloud and also introduce as a SaaS(software as a service). It stores data on a remote server and keeps the space on the computer. Cloud POS software can be accessed from anywhere at any time by any system. It is advisable to use a cloud-based pos system for sell with various channels.

It automatically updates inventory with every sale you make and alerts you about the status of the stock. Cloud pos help you to track the customer’s activities and data accessed in real time by anyone within the organization.

Which POS system is makes the most sense for your business?

Many retailers are confused to make a choice between a Cloud-based POS system or a traditional one. There are advantages and also disadvantages of using them. It depends upon the kind of your business to determine which one is perfect for you.

Real-Time System Updates:

In cloud POS systems there is no need to update manually with extra costs. Cloud pos systems update in real time, always use the current version of the system. With traditional one, you need to put the extra fee to update the system’s server.

Access of data:

Cloud pos systems store data on the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Easily track and manage your business activity even if you are not available at the store with cloud POS. The data could be accessed using a desktop, tablet, mobile or any device. But unlike cloud pos, in traditional POS you need to be on site to manage the operations of the business.

Costs effective:

The cost of the cloud-based POS system is higher than the traditional POS. But the upfront charges like maintenance and installation charges are the additional expenses of the traditional POS which are not considered in Cloud POS. We can access instantly the latest version of the software with real-time updates.

Integrated system:

Fully integrated POS systems manage everything from sales structure to complete financial reporting. With the integration to the popular accounting tools, able to eliminate the time spent in going through each invoice and feeding it into a separate system at the end of each sales period. Cloud-based POS systems offered fully-integrated solutions that remove the need for incorporating third-party software.

Most Secure system

As we know the cloud POS securely store the data on the cloud server so don’t have to worry about local backups again. New security updates will automatically upload on the system that ensures data will always protect from the latest cyber threats.