Multi Store POS Software

multi store pos software

If you are multi store retailers and looking for solution to managing your store. Taxpay, cloud based billing software is the best option. Taxpay help you to manage every points of sale of your multi store business at real time.

  • You can add multiple store in Taxpay and share data among the stores.
  • View reports of every purchase and sale of individual store and multiple store.
  • Manage your employees of each store, check employee work hours and assign work.

Taxpay help you to increase the efficiency of your business, Productivity of sale and purchase and decrease you cost.

It helps you to increase the collaboration of the organization as it allows you share real time data within the multiple locations. You can check overall working details of your employees by shared access.

Keep track of your sales and purchase of different products will allow you to predict which product need to stoked depending open the requirement.