Point of Sale

Setup your Counter with Taxpay POS and start selling

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Engage customers with Taxpay world

Easily create a new customer and save their details in the database. When the same customer will return to the shop, Taxpay shows all history details. Make truly relationship with a customer with greater transparency.

Have complete control on each sale and purchase

Create accounts for more than one user to manage store process. Increase productivity by tracking the performance of your employee. Give information about transaction summary, opening and closing balance of the day to track the flow of cash collection.

Make customer more comfortable to do business with you

Smart Solutions

Taxpay efficiently manage Sale and purchase both with quick keys. Create action or switch between the modules by just type keyboard shortcut keys. Save time and increase productivity.

Easily search items

Promptly search items in the search and add items to the sale by a click or using a barcode scanner. Taxpay is quick and intuitive to set up. Let customers be happy to walk-in to your store.

Add notes to the sale item

Write details about items that will seem on receipts to let the customer know about care instructions, special discounts, or other targeted offers.

Discounts and offers

Add discounts and offer details to the particular items that will calculate on the sale. Make a healthy relation with customers.

Generate receipt

Taxpay allow you effortlessly print or email receipt to the customer after sale.

Temporarily Parked customer's sales

Does customer want to buy more items in between sale? Taxpay provides park sale for a time and easily resume it when customer ready to make a sale.

Refund policy

Make the customer happy by refund and return policy on the items.

Mode of Payments

Give the 3 (Cash, Debit, and Credit) modes of payment to the customer. For credit mode will save details of customers for future payment.

Taxpay is all in one point of sale software. Sign up for the free trial.